Lighthearted informative talks and workshops based on my experience in the world of Sports Medicine, Elite sport, and, Physiotherapy  

In the past, I have delivered a variety of workshops and talks but perhaps in a different way to other speakers.  My skill set lies in empathy and focusing on a simple approach that sometimes gets forgotten.

Therapists have a great skill set but in our search to find the right answers and do our very best for patients, we can be guilty of forgetting some of the simple stuff that is vital in order to be effective.

Key examples of talks and workshop that I am passionate about include:

Motivational talks to Students / Graduates

Stories of Sports Medicine Physio

How to Get into Sport

Back to Basics - Empathy with People

Complex Case Studies in Sport

Problem Solving in the Field

Mental Health & Anxiety as a Physio

Encouraging Therapists to Focus on the Patient and not the Skills

Athlete Workshops - Rehab / Physio

Sporting Grass Roots Practicals

Please contact me via the email link for more info on organising a talk or workshop for a group. All talks can be tailored to the individual needs of the group and based on my experience in Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine.

Price flexible to suit situation and travel.